Some of my Friends:

Joe First, aka Jose Primero

Andrew McGee

Kurt is from North Carolina.  One of
my favorite writers of all the folks
I've been privileged to meet in        

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Welcome to CowboySlim's Website!

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CowboySlim is the name a waitress in California gave me.  I am a
folksinger, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am affiliated with BMI, Inc., and I have recorded five different CDs,
which will soon all be available here. (2 are currently available.)

I write songs about everyday people in everyday situations.
Sometimes, I try to amuse, sometimes to make you think, but I
always try to entertain.  What is life if we simply pass through? We
should all strive to improve our collective lot.

Yes, I
am my brother's keeper.

Joe is a talented singer/songwriter
based in Nashville, TN and also
one of my very good friends.

Kurt Fortmeyer